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Jul FAQ about BY WISHTREND Acid Duo Hibiscus Cream

Jul FAQ about BY WISHTREND Acid Duo Hibiscus Cream

1. Is it a moisturizer?
Ans. Yes it is an exfoliating moisturizer, it will suffice the moisture level for oily skin. other skin types need to incorporate it with additional moisturizer.

2. Can I apply during daytime?
Ans. Not recommended. Any exfoliating product is more suitable for PM routine.

3. Is it enough for my clogged pores?
Ans. Yes but please note , it's a PHA based exfoliant that takes time to show visible result but it has totally non harming ingredient list.

4. Will it help to brighten my skin?
Ans. Definitely! It works directly on resurfacing and reveal the radiance.

5. Can I use it with Vitamin C/AHA/BHA?
Ans. Alternatively usable with vitamin C. any low concentrated AHA/BHA will work fine with it. As it's your precious skin, please consider using minimum acid per day. If you use Cosrx AHA/ BHA then alternate the usage.

6. Can I use it daily? Is it suitable for all skin?
Ans. Yes, but if you have extremely sensitive skin then better to start applying thrice per week. it's formulated for every types of skin, specially who are afraid of chemical exfoliation.

7. How long does it take to show result?
Ans. Depends as every skin has it's own repair cycle. 2 weeks to 8 weeks on average analysis.

8. How to incorporate with other skin care?

Ans. Use at PM Care. Cleansing- Toning- Serum- Moisturizing- Hibiscus Cream 9. What is the suitable Cleanser with it? Ans. By Wishtrend Acid- Duo Cleanser 10. Does it make skin dehydrated? Ans. No, It doesn't, but if you have dehydrated skin from before then apply HA based with hibiscus cream. 11. Is it sticky? Ans. No 12. Will it cure my acne? Ans. Hibiscus cream is dedicated to open your clogged pores, dead cells and pigmentation. If your acne is due to hormonal imbalance, it won't show visible result. But Hibiscus don't trigger acne. 13. Will it increase sun sensitivity? Ans. Every exfoliant removes the dead cells, so skin becomes more prone to have sun burn. so yes, it will. 14. If it's artificial color free, then why does it has pink texture? Ans. That's because it has 63% hibiscus extract. 15. Does it have any strong scent? Ans. No 16. Never used any PHA or LHA based exfoliant, Can you describe how it works? Ans. PHA can help exfoliate dead skin cells, help improve skin texture and clarity, increase skin thickness and help decrease fine lines and wrinkles. LHA is soluble in oil, meaning it can dive in deep into your pores to help clear up any pore-based problems (acne, clogged pores, blackheads, etc.). LHA is generally regarded as being more well tolerated and gentle on the skin.

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