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Amazing serum

I've been using this serum for a while now and I love it. It keeps blackheads at bay, my face does not break out. It doesn't dry out my face and in fact when I am in a very humid climate it's all I need for a moisturizer. It is not sticky and absorbs quickly. For me it relieves the redness in my face. I have very sensitive skin and this does not irritate it.

Sabrina ziniya
Great Product

this is a great product if you have sensitive skin and is a really a serum for getting redness out . I have tried so many serums or moisturizers for getting redness out and nothing has worked. I found out about this on youtube with skincare from Hyram. I use this first on my face after I wash my face of course and it helps my face so much for this. I love it. Of course after this I use the Ordinary Nicamide to help out as well. That helps stop oil production and other things so with the both of these my face looks a lot less red. I do use this every morning as well. It is very lightweight and does not have a fragrance. you dont need to use a lot as well. If you have redness on your face I would give it a try. It worked for me.


I have been using this product everyday for about 2 years. I love it so much because I have sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate it. It helps calm the natural redness I have. The only thing is I personally don't recommend this for being the main moisturizer. It absorbs good on the skin but I still get flaky skin if I don't use another moisturizer.

Light weight & soothing.

Let me tell you, I have been using this product for a few months now and my skin has NEVER looked better. NEVER! Literally within a few weeks there was a noticeable difference looking in the mirror and how my skin felt. Smooth, little to no blemishes, and less blackheads. And my skin is less red! I combined it into my skincare routine with no issues and use it twice daily

My favorite

I love this serum. Almost all the ingredients are super clean and non-irritating. It doesn't have any sort of smell so it doesn't trigger a migraine for me. It contains several humectants that are awesome for moisture. Since it's watery what I like to do is put it on first after washing my face and then I put a thicker moisturizer on top of it to trap the serum in. I also noticed that my rosacea wasn't as bad anymore. It seems like it really does help with redness

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