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I've been using BONAJOUR Retichinol Power Concentrate for a month now, and the results are truly impressive. Not only did it cause zero irritation, but my face also experienced a noticeable brightening effect, with a visible reduction in fine lines. The newly released serum complements the concentrate perfectly. I highly recommend both the concentrate and serum for anyone seeking effective and gentle skincare solutions!

Love this moisturizer

I love this moisturizer. It has no smell and the texture is light and creamy. It goes on easily and evenly and absorbs quickly. There is no oily feel just clean moisturized skin. I've been noticing a difference in my skin since I've started using it. My face looks less dull and has a much more youthful glow. I little goes a long way so the tube should last a long time. And you can't beat the price point for a moisturizer that works this well.

Makes skin soft and pores smaller

I got this concentrate to help with my skin care routine. I've used this cream every night for two weeks and I can tell a difference in the way my skin looks. My pores especially on my nose and cheeks are smaller and my skin feels softer.

Bonajour Retichinol Power Concentrate

I really like this combination of retinol and bakuchiol - a one-two punch for aging and dark spots. I have not noticed any dryness or irritation from using this product - it helps my skin retain moisture and I am hoping it will have good effects on a dark spot I have had for years on my cheek. It is easy and pleasant to use - I have used other harsher products with no results and only irritation - this product makes my skin look great and I am hoping continued use will yield god results with the spot on my cheek!

A Little Goes a Long Way

This Bonajour Retchinol cream is great! I didn't think it would last long with how small the tube is but I'm not using as much as I have with other retinol creams I've used. After washing my face I've been applying to my problem areas and then following up with a strong moisturizer every other night for a couple weeks and I haven't had any irritation or issues like that.

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